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“Simply put, this is the real deal! The entire staff is extremely knowledgeable as well as professional. I highly recommend this place to anyone who is seriously looking into learning a form of self defense – Christopher R 

“Listen… the instructors here simply amazing. They will break down techniques and give you ample opportunities to figure out how to complete them.” – Stephanie S

“We came to Krav Maga Plano in order to teach our son the skills needed to defend himself from others.  He was being bullied in school and it was just a matter of time before the bullies would get physical.   We wanted him to not only learn the skills needed to successfully defend from an attack, but also for him to gain the confidence in himself that he can stand up for himself.  KMP has indeed been helping him.  He is showing much more confidence in standing up for himself and he enjoys learning defense techniques.  He loves KMP so much that he intends to continue for many years to come.  One thing that is unique about KMP is the small class sizes and one on one attention.  KMP is truly a family and all students and staff have each others’ backs.  We highly recommend KMP and are so thankful we have become part of the family.  Thank you KMP for everything! ” -Ali Family

“Fantastic instructors. Thanks to Krav Maga Plano I’m in the best shape of my life.” – Caleb L

“I enrolled my daughter at KMP because I want her to be safe while she’s away from home. I pray she will never be in a situation to actually use Krav Maga, but I think it’s like purchasing car insurance. You hope to never use it, but you have it just in case. From the first moment I met the instructors at KMP, I was so impressed by their passion and sincerity for the well-being of their students as well as their professionalism. I know that KMP was the right place to send my daughter. After just several weeks of training, I noticed my daughter grow in confidence in her daily life even while she’s off the training mat. Thank you so much KMP!” – Eunice L

“I have been looking at various Krav Maga gyms in DFW. Krav Maga Plano is the best I found. They have a very good training facility along with the best training instructors and times to train… It is for everyone young and old.” – Smith

“I’ve been a student at Krav Maga Plano for about 3 years. I can’t say enough about this school. The instructors are awesome, the environment isn’t like a testosterone fueled dojo. The people care about your safety, your well being, and your fitness. This is the most encouraging place I’ve ever been. Encouraging doesn’t mean the standards are low. The school teaches and tests to Krav Maga Worldwide standards as it should. Encouraging just means that everyone (instructors and students) want to see you succeed. I’ve never been in a class where, if someone’s struggling to finish a drill, everyone is cheering them on to push through, fight hard, be aggressive, and succeed. I love it here.” – Angie W

“Awesome friendly staff and a well-maintained facility. Your first class is free so check them out. If you are wanting to get into a self defense class this is the one you need to be in.” – Chris P

“I’ve been going to Krav Maga Plano for three months at the time of this post. Ever since my first class, I’ve has been hooked. I always learn something new and each class is an intense workout that leaves me feeling stronger and healthier. I have lost 25 pounds and gained more stamina, as well as a longer cardio tolerance. Come join our group, you won’t be disappointed.” – Eric E

“The best Krav Maga studio. All instructors are Krav Maga Worldwide certified, and they are fantastic!” – Elisabeth B




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