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Jun 2015 Yellow Belt Test

Practice makes perfect...and for these seven dedicated students that is definitely true. Congratulations to our new  Yellow Belts!!!Great Job January 2012 James Dohanyos     William Langley Josh Lofton     Travis Steel     Brandon St...

March 2015 Orange Belt Test

Congratulations to our new Orange Belts Great Job!!! Devon Collier     Amy Jafari Matthew Keener     Regena Richardson     Richard Riley     Benjamin D Russell Ruth Solares [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="1" gal_title="MARCH 2015...

March 2015 Yellow Belt Test

Congratulations to our new Yellow BeltsGreat Job!!! Bayleigh Baker     Romby Bryant     Alec BurtonElisa Castillo     Robin MeierSam Monk     Katie Spriggs ...
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