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Fitness & fighting

At Krav Maga Plano, we believe your health and safety are worth fighting for. We offer both fitness and fighting options to give our students the best of both worlds. 

Fitness Program: KravFit and Krav Yoga

KravFit: This class features a combination of strength training and dynamic flexibility. Using CrossFit principles, the focus of this class is to emphasize muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. Students will learn correct body alignment to maximize efficiency, while refining Krav Maga technique through repetition, drills, and punch kick combinations. Medicine balls, Kettle bells, Box jumps, and Battle ropes are just a few of the tools used in this class.

This class is held every Tuesday and Thursday at 6am-7am, and Saturday at 8am-9am. To schedule a free KravFit trial class, call (469) 939-1949.






Instructor, Cara Hartoon, at Krav Maga Plano


KravYoga: Yoga is an ancient practice of body, mind, and spirit.  KravYoga is designed to enhance core strength, functional flexibility, dynamic balance, and mindfulness; all qualities that transfer to more precise and effective combat training. You can expect to improve physical performance and enhance mental acuity, manage stress, and prevent or rehab injuries. On top of that, yoga is fun! When was the last time you tried a headstand? Give it a try…no experience needed, just a willingness to step into something new and have some fun! 

This class is held every Saturday 9am-10am. To schedule a free KravYoga trail class, call (469) 939-1949.



Fighting program:

Instructors Dana J Stewart and Karl Owens working with focus mitts

Advanced Combatives: Develop, test and hone your fighting skills through partner drills and sparring in our Advanced Combatives class.  Our goal is to create well-rounded fighters – both standing and on the ground — by combining elements of technical fighting and a comprehensive strength and conditioning program that will challenge even the fittest of athletes.  We incorporate indoor & outdoor workouts, focus mitt drills, functional strength exercises, sparring and more that offer students specialized and unique classes that you can’t get anywhere else and brings a fresh experience to the total body workout.

Come get your fight game on!


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