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Krav Maga Level 5 Curriculum

Krav Maga Level 5 Curriculum

This class is for expert level students only as they prepare for their black belt training.  Advanced curriculum items include multiple opponent sparring, ground fighting, advanced self defense against all weapons attacks, and third party protection.

(Pre-requisite: Successfully Passed Blue Belt Test)  

I. Punch Combinations

II. Kicks

   A. Front Kick/Round Kick with switching move

   B. Two front kicks with a switch

   C. Outside slap kick and front kick with a switch

   D. Two straight knees with a switch

   E. Two back kicks with a switch  

III. Kick Defenses

IV. Throws/Holds

   A. “Machine-Gun Take-Down”

   B. One arm shoulder throw

   C. Hip roll

   D. Sacrifice Throw  

V. Headlock Defenses

VI. Full Nelson Defenses

   A. Leverage on fingers

   B. Throw/flip forward

   C. Sweep  

VII. Knife Defenses

   A. Defense v. Downward Stab

   B. Defense v. Straight Stab

   C. Defense v. Straight Stab 

   D. Defense v. Upward Stab

   E. Defense v. slashing attacks

VIII. Defending Against an Assailant Armed with a long gun (assault rifle or shotgun)

IX. Defending Against an Assailant Armed with a Handgun

   A. Threat from the rear at a distance

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