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Krav Maga Level 3 Curriculum

Krav Maga Level 3 Curriculum

In this advanced class students will continue to train on combatives, combination strikes, take downs and advanced self defense techniques against ground attacks, submission holds and take downs. Students who train an average of two times per week should expect to complete the curriculum and be ready to test in 6-9 months.

(Prerequisite: Successfully passed Orange Belt Test)  

I. Head-butt

   A. Head-butt Forward

   B. Head-butt Upward

   C. Head-butt Side (bear-hug context)

   D. Head-butt Back (bear-hug context)  

II. Kicks

   A. Defensive Back Kick with a Spin

   B. Offensive Back Kick

   C. Offensive Back Kick with a Spin

   D. Heel Kick

   E. Inside Slap Kick

   F. Outside Slap Kick  

III. Punch Defenses

   A. Inside Defense v. Left/Right

   B. Inside Defense v. Left/Right (Lean Back and Trap)

   C. Inside Defense v. Left/Right (using forward hand)

   D. Outside Defense and Counter v. Right (Punching defense)  

IV. Kick Defenses

   A. Reflexive Defense vs. High Round Kick

   B. Defense vs. High round Kick

V. Fall Breaks

   A. High Fall Break – Back and Side

   B. Forward Fall Break

VI. Rolls

VII. Hair-grabs

   A. Hair-grab, Front

   B. Hair-grab, Side

   C. Hair-grab, Behind or Opposite Side  

VIII. Bear-Hugs

   A. Bear-hug from Behind (Leverage on Finger)

   B. Bear-hug, Lifting – from Behind

   C. Bear-hug, Lifting – from the Front  

   D. Full Nelson – Leverage on Finger

IX. Takedowns

   A. Double Leg Takedown

   B. Single Leg Takedown – Head inside/outside

   C. Single Leg Hyperextension

   D. Knee Tap

   E. Snap Down

X. Control Positons

   A. Pummeling

   B. Arm Drag

   C. 2 Hand Head Control

XI. Groundwork

   A. Choke from the Side

   B. Headlock from the Side 

   C. Headlock from Behind

   D. Arm Bar

   E. Guard Escape – Stacking

   F. Side Mount – Top Postion 

   G. Side Mount – Bottom Position

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